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Level Salary Of $50,000 And Up With The Hottest 50k Plus Jobs

Unhappy with your present job with a spend that does not compensate with your expertise and skills? It is time to seek greener pastures! Most of the well-liked jobs in the United States now have an entry- level salary of at least $50,000. What follows is a list of 50k plus jobs that you may perhaps want to look at. Who knows, 1 or two of them may perhaps match your certain expertise.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapy, with a common beginning salary of $52,573, is a profession with a substantial salary prospective. This job may perhaps satisfy your skilled and monetary development, in particular if your interests are human anatomy and overall health care. Physical therapists who specialize in back or hand therapy have additional possibilities of finding hired and earning beyond $50k.


Pet lovers can make a excellent living out of treating animals. The typical entry- level salary of veterinarians is $59,084. More than time, vets delight in the distinction of getting 1 of the most well-liked jobs due to the fact of the elevated interest in pet care and animal study in the field of veterinary medicine.

Investment Banking Analyst

If solving mathematical issues is your cup of tea and monetary investment is your passion, you may perhaps want to look at shifting your profession into the investment banking sector. Investment banking analysts earn an typical beginning salary of practically $60,000, generating this profession a profitable 1.

Electrical Engineer

Engineers, in particular electrical engineers, are extremely marketable. In reality, the demand for this profession is really higher. A lot of corporations are in require of young electrical engineers, whose specialty is applying electrical energy to transmit power required for machines or gear to run. And corporations are prepared to spend additional than $50,000 as entry- level salary and as significantly as $80,000 plus for knowledgeable electrical engineers.

Application Engineer

Application engineering includes designing, developing, and testing laptop applications. Like electrical engineers, computer software engineers make excellent dollars out of their expertise, as a common salary of a computer software engineer begins at $56,795. IT (info technologies) and laptop networking have been a booming sector in the current years, so it is no wonder that computer software engineering is a really profitable field.

Sophisticated Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)

The demand and possibilities for nurses in no way appear to fade. Even if physicians earn additional bucks, there is no denying the substantial salary that beginning nurses normally get: $67,166.

Junior Associate Lawyer

In the justice program, a substantial extended-term earning prospective appears to favor typical lawyers. Junior associate attorneys normally get started earning $52,678, and their salary jumps to practically $90,000 in just right after 5 years.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Did you know that you can make huge bucks in the field of medicine with no getting a particular degree? You never require to earn a degree in medicine or science to be capable to qualify as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Any college degree plus a pleasing character can make you a excellent candidate for pharmaceutical sales coaching. Pharmaceutical sales representatives market to physicians the newest medicines sold by a pharmaceutical enterprise.

With these 50k plus jobs, it is doable for you to earn 5- or even six-figure salaries as a starter.

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