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How To Create A Effective Capability Statement For Government Contractors

What is the Goal of a Capability Statement?

Government contracting has created into a quite competitive marketplace, thanks to its possible for becoming quite lucrative. Organizations of all sizes, from modest, micro-firms with one particular employee to significant, mega-firms with thousands of staff have been profitable in promoting goods and solutions to government agencies at the federal, state, city, county and municipal levels.

Even so, competitors has heightened as much more organizations attempt to break into, be competitive in, and keep profitable in this marketplace. 5 years ago, no one particular knew what a Capability Statement was, and now, it is a essential tool to support you be as profitable as probable, no matter  what size enterprise you represent.

A different complicating element is that fewer people today are employed by the government to deal with outreach and acquisitions. This signifies that contractors will have to know how to distill the info that is most essential to a unique choice-maker, state it in a clear, concise manner, and reinforce its value to the prospect, even much more so than in the previous.

Productive firms use their Capability Statement for a quantity of purposes:

o Expected in numerous government registration processes

o A door-opener to new agencies

o Proof of qualification

o Proof of previous overall performance

o It will set your apart from your competitors

Capability Statement Format

A Capability Statement really should be quite short (only 1 or two pages), to the point and particularly associated to the person agency’s requires. Ideally, it is a living document that will adjust based on the targeted agency. Why is this? Since savvy contractors know that every single agency has it is personal mission and concentrate, and they speak straight to these in their capability statement.

It is essential that the document be visually exciting and have equivalent graphic components to your company’s brand and logo. It will have to also be a searchable document that can conveniently be sent as a PDF file.

For that reason, we suggest that Capability Statements are designed in Word or Publisher making use of a template that reflects a firm’s brand with its personal logo, colors and graphic identity. It is essential to match all essential info on one particular side of one particular web page. The second side, if totally important, may perhaps include extra supporting information essential to the targeted agency such as case research of previous profitable projects.

Capability Statement Contents

The 5 essential locations integrated in a profitable are:

1. Core competencies

2. Previous overall performance

3. Differentiators

4. Corporate information

5. Get in touch with info


It is finest to contact the document a Capability Statement. This really should be stated at the prime of the document. This is a term recognized all through government contracting choice-makers, and indicates that you have know-how of the contracting method. A Capability Statement really should also show a firm’s logo and other branding components, for recognition, and be totally free of extended paragraphs, as an alternative, making use of brief sentences and bulleted lists for rapid visual scanning.

When composing a Capability Statement, use the following section labels: Core Competencies, Previous Efficiency, and Differentiators. These are the essential components that government purchasers are hunting for so that they can make a speedy choice.

Show make contact with info, like internet web page and a precise person’s name, e-mail and telephone quantity, on every single side (web page) of the document.

Generate a new document for every single agency, prime or teaming chance. This way every single Capability Statement has all the info it requires for that chance, and only the necessary info.

A Capability Statement is preferably only one particular web page, one particular side. Go to two sides only if totally important.

Save and distribute as a PDF, not a Word, PowerPoint or other format. Save the document with your company’s name in the file name. Numerous federal agencies block Word and Publisher documents for the reason that they may perhaps harbor viruses, on the other hand, a PDF file is substantially safer, normally smaller sized and stays visually constant when mailed.

Core Competencies

These are brief introduction statements relating the company’s core competencies to the agency’s precise requires followed by essential-word heavy bullet points. This is NOT all the things a firm is in a position to do, but the core experience of a firm, particularly associated to the agency this Capability Statement is written for, its mission and identified possibilities.

Previous Efficiency

Start by listing previous shoppers for whom your company has accomplished equivalent perform. Prioritize beginning with associated agency, to all federal to other government, to industrial contracts. If the previous projects do not relate to the targeted agency’s requires, do not list it.

Tip: Ideally, include things like precise make contact with info for instant references. Involve name, title, e-mail and telephone. Use this info when meeting with choice-makers. Leave this info off the Capability Statement when you are sending the PDF as an initial outreach work or leaving as a handout at conferences.


Undertaking company with the government is extremely competitive. Contractors have the burden of dealing with this competitive marketplace and increasing above the other contractors. Numerous organizations who are attempting to boost sales to the government marketplace do not have a clear worth statement detailing what tends to make them distinctive from their competitors. A succinct, clear statement that relates to the precise requires of the agency is what will support the procurement and acquiring people today, the plan managers and finish customers have an understanding of why they really should choose your firm more than other competitors.

Sample Differentiator Concerns:

How is your enterprise finest suited for the requires of this agency? What is it about your solutions that make you stand out from the rest? What is it about your people today that give you the benefit more than your competitors? Why are your goods greater options than the other people that are obtainable?

If these advantages can not be clearly communicated, it is not possible for a choice-maker to make a clear recommendation for your enterprise more than one particular of your competitors. Numerous organizations fail to take this essential step. And they wonder why they are missing out on contracts.

Organization Information

Involve one particular or two brief sentences with a enterprise description detailing pertinent history. Involve: the size of your firm, your income, the quantity of staff you have, and the standard geographic region you serve.

Tip: Readers will go to your internet web page for extra info. Make certain your internet web page is continuously updated and government-focused.

List Certain Pertinent Codes

  • DUNS
  • Socio-financial certifications: eight(a), HUB Zone, SDVOB, and so on.
  • NAICS (all) Do not include things like code descriptions, just use the numbers
  • CAGE Code
  • Accept Credit and Obtain Cards
  • GSA Schedule Contract Quantity(s)
  • Other federal contract autos
  • BPAs and other federal contract numbers
  • State Contract Numbers
  • Name (a precise particular person)
  • Address
  • Telephone (most important and cell)
  • E mail (a private e-mail, not [email protected])

If your firm has won any awards, received accolades or has notable accomplishments relating to that agency, list them only if you have space.

Use this info to support you generate a Effective Capability Statement and open doors to contracting possibilities in the federal government. This document is the essential to developing connection with essential choice-makers in government contracting, supplying them with a concise description of the goods and solutions your company can offer, and a constant reminder of your firm. When correctly written, a Capability Statement is the tool that sets your enterprise head and shoulders above your competitors.

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